TITAN Electronics Inc.- AnyplaceUSB USB 3.1 over Ethernet Hub
TITAN Electronics Inc.- USB 3.1 over Ethernet Hub

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NEWAnyplaceUSB USB 3.1 over IP Hubs Sharing USB Devices over Ethernet and the Internet
TITAN Electronics Inc. has released a series of new, innovative USB 3.1 over Ethernet Device Hubs that provide the features to share USB devices over LAN, WiFi, VPN and the Internet. Multiple Remote Computers can access and use the shared USB ports of the AnyplaceUSB Hubs conveniently from anywhere in the network. This new AnyplaceUSB USB over IP Hubs provides the solution for connecting 3-Port (AnyplaceUSB-H3), 6-Port (AnyplaceUSB-H6 and AnyplaceUSB-H6C) and 12-Port for both commercial and industrial Applications. USB devices, i.e. USB Security Dongles, plugged to the AnyplaceUSB USB over Ethernet Hub can be virtualized over the network to the remote client computer. 

About Us

Founded in 1993, TITAN Electronics Inc. is a specialized Taiwanese designer and manufacturer of USB, Serial, CANbus interface connectivity and networking products in the industrial applications for global market. Located in Taoyuan city and a registered factory in Zhongli industrial zone, Titan is a technical-oriented manufacturer with specialty and expertise in USB, Serial and CANbus connectivity and networking technologies, providing full line of data communication products for industrial applications, point-of-sale applications, industrial process control and factory automation.

The products we manufacture include the following items :

1. USB over Ethernet Mini Adapters
2. USB 3.1 over Ethernet Device Hubs
3. USB over Ethernet Servers
4. NCOM Serial RS232/422/485 over Ethernet Device Servers
5. NCOM USB to CANbus Adapter
6. TITAN USB Industrial Hubs of USB 16-port Hub for wide temperature, USB 3.0 12-port HUB-1230i, 8-port Hub with 8COM ports HUB-880i-RM
7. USB to Serial RS232/422/485 converters from 1-port up to 32-port
8. PCI Express RS-232/422/485 Communication Board from 2-port PCIe-200i/200i-SI up to 8-port PCIe-800i/800i-SI
9. Serial Connection Box COMBOX-8-DB9 COMBOX-8-DB25 with link cable
10. USB Isolator USB-ISO-M
11. DIN Rail Mounting Clips DR-201 DR-101
12. RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converters SER-COMi-M, SER-COMi-SI-M
13. RS-232/485 to RS-485 Hub/Splitter/Repeater SER-4485-SI-M
14. USB Maker Boards: USB-TTL, USB to Data Acquistion Module with 10 Digital I/O ports USB-DA10, BeagleBone/BeagleBone Black Cape of 2 RS232/ 2 USB/ MicroSD Card Reader USB-2COM-BB

Titan Electronics Inc. has built solid, long-term relationship with our customers and suppliers. We believe in designing and manufacturing good performance, quality products and offering real-time technical support is essential to our customers. Our corporate culture has been to provide win-win relationships that have brought success for cooperation.


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